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52-Week Bike Challenge

52-Week Bike Challenge

The rule is simple: Ride Your Bike at least 30 minutes, once per week, during the 52 weeks of the year.


Q. How long would have to be the ride to count?

A. Ride a minimum of 30 minutes for the ride to count. No minimum mileage. It can be up and down the street but at least 30 minutes of biking. No bogus cycling indoors on the trainer. Outdoors please. You get no credit for going hard, you get no credit for going long, you can go as slow as you want. By all means feel free to ride longer than 30 minutes, but the main goal here is to get out of the door.

Q. Can I take a week off for holidays away from home?

A. Yes you can, but you will need to catch-up by riding twice a week immediately upon your return to compensate for every week you were away.

Q. If I complete my 52 weeks, what would I win?

A. Yes, you will win big. Bragging rights, self-confidence, good training, respect from your peers, savings on fuel, saving the environment, burning calories, meeting new friends, lots of fun...  oh!  and an official Certificate of Completion signed by the 52WBC Coordinator at the end of the year !

Q.  Is the 52WBC, a NEW Program?

A.  The 52WBC has started in 2008.  It is in its 8th year with participants from Cape Breton Island and from as far as Louisville Kentucky USA.

For those interested in taking on the 52-Week Bike Challenge (52WBC), there is no better way to succeed than matching your effort with a buddy and tell the world that you're going for it. Here's the plan...

Those taking-on the challenge please register by emailing the Coordinator before January 1st.

This Mileage Record Spreadsheet (Excel) is a fun way to keep track of your mileage is keeping notes about your outings.  

At opportune times during the year, Shelley Porter,  the Coordinator for seven years now, e-mails Pep-up talks and updates to participants. 

The 52-WBC is a wonderful way to stay fit, keep the bike culture alive all through the year and give the bike a taste of the outdoors all year long.

The SummerFit Challenge is a lighter version of the 52WBC for you to try at first.


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