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Bicycle Infrastructure map

Velo Cape Breton was born in 2003/04 during a period when bicycle infrastructure was next to non-existant and were not on the radar screen of authorities.  Since then giant leaps have been accomplished both at the local and provincial levels.  

The concept of a province-wide network of bikeways was initially discussed at the first annual Nova Scotia Bicycle Summit in 2006, held in Cape Breton and hosted by Velo Cape Breton.  An Active Transportation (AT) plan was adopted by the CBRM in 2008.  Implementation of the CBRM AT Plan is progressing steadily. 

Continuous and focused efforts by cycling oriented organizations resulted in the formation of an interdepartmental Blue Route Team Committee, co-chaired by TIR and Bicycle Nova Scotia.  A first section of the Blue route was inaugurated in Pictou on August 6th, 2015

The following map shows only some infrastructure additions installed over the last few years that are beneficial to the safety and enjoyment of ALL road users.

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