Education and Safety

CAN-BIKE Program: Introduction to Cycling Skills

Velo Cape Breton has qualified instructors trained in defensive cycling who are available upon request to deliver any of the CAN-BIKE Programs to both members and non-members!  If you are interested in registering for the scheduled CAN-BIKE Programs please check the VCB Website.  Our instructors are always open to training new groups, as small as 3-5 people.  

Participants learn how to check and maintain their own bicycle in good and safe working order.  Tires, wheels, brakes, drivetrain are all covered as well as tips on what to do with a chain that keeps jumping off the gears, when the chain keeps jumping off the gears (bad shifting), how to fix a flat on the road.

Sessions given in the off-season (spring and fall) are for 3 hours and class size is limited to 6 persons.  Please contact VCB at

Bike Fleet at Etoile de l'Acadie

In 2014, VCB purchased 23 bicycles and left them on loan at Etoile de l'Acadie.  School personnel received basic instruction on bicycle safety courses that can be dispensed to students as well as Basic maintenance and repairs.

Safety Information & Tips

Make bicycle safety a top priority, whether you are hitting the roads or hitting the trails.  Increase your knowledge of the following bicycle safety topics by reaching out to Velo Cape Breton for more information!

  • Bike Maintenance

  • Bike Week Outdoor Class

  • Winter/Spring Clinics

  • Health Fairs: tips for a safe and joyful ride

  • Basic Skills

  • Personal Wear

  • Bike Parts

  • ABC Check: before you pedal

  • Sharing the Road

  • Safety Tips & Current Issues

  • Timely Updates

  • Safety Clinics

  • Tips & Info on Preventing Accidents

We'd love to hear from you!  If you want to know more on the topics above, please visit our website, come on our rides and events, send us an email or call us!

Women on Wheels Program

Started in 2013, The Women on Wheels Program (WOW) promotes and develops women's cycling, health and well being by bringing women cyclists of various skill levels together in an environment that is safe, fun and accessible to all.

The WOW program encourages women to become self sufficient, confident and skilled cyclists.  WOW provides women with the opportunity of over six sessions to ride their bikes and learn from other women who have been riding for some time.

CAN-BIKE safety tips and health as well being topics are taught.  Additional WOW rides for fun and friendship are scheduled over the summer months in various locations on the Island.