2019 Executive Members





Paul Babin,  President

Hello to all past, current, and future members of Velo Cape Breton.  Although I had been a member for several years prior to joining the Board of Directors, it was only when I volunteered as Membership Registrar did I begin to understand the amazing work that this dedicated group does.  VCB Board Members regularly meet with Municipal and Provincial groups to advocate for better cycling conditions throughout Cape Breton Island.  They provide education courses on proper cycling to safely navigate our roads, and also organize and schedule a full array of rides.  All of this is done on a volunteer basis, because they believe in the cause, as do I.


I hope that all members will make a commitment to participate in, or volunteer to help, in as many cycling related activities as possible.


May all your rides have the wind at your back.






Andree Crepeau,  Vice-President


A bicycle for me has been a way to get places, meet people and see things wherever I lived.  It got my seven year old self to my friend’s house fast, my university self to class again fast, my post pregnancy self to the office fast and my retired self downtown, to the dentist or doctor or the store again fast.  And by fast I mean faster than walking.  Sure my adult self has always had access to a car, but only one in a multi driver household, and frankly driving in Sydney is in my opinion really aggravating.  Plus why spend 10 thousand dollars a year on a second vehicle when a bike can get you most everywhere in almost the same amount of time.  And getting there on a bike is just so much more fun.

So my interest in Velo is working to get better cycling infrastructure and to try and win people over to the world of cycling, or at least to add it to their transportation choices.

Vacant, Treasurer

*** This could be you, volunteer today!! ***





Patricia Babin, Secretary

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Steeve Messier,  Membership Registrar

“Steeve is a cyclist since 2010 and also a triathlete since 2012. He is a member of Velo CB starting last year and is always looking to learn about the latest cycling trends and tools. Apart from road and mountain biking, he enjoys long distance runs and swims.”






Rosalind Wright,  Women on Wheels Representative

*** Details coming soon ***


Britney MacNeil,  Member-at-large

Nova Scotia born and raised, I have always had an interest in healthy living and outdoor exploration, filling my time with walking, running, kayaking, snowboarding, snowshoeing, camping, hiking, backpacking, and exploring the Great Outdoors of this beautiful province and beyond.  I will always remember my first vehicle -- the bicycle I received in grade school as a child.  In July of 2013 I decided to become a member of Velo Cape Breton, following a strong desire to get back into cycling.


With a background and a passion in marketing and promotions, I hope to assist Velo Cape Breton with the planning and promotion of events, member services and other successes and accomplishments.  Velo Cape Breton is achieving great things for it's members and for the community, and my goals are to make these accomplishments known, and to deliver the messages of VCB loud and clear!  So please join us - both on your bicycle and at other events and initiatives - there's plenty of fun for everyone.


Here's to exploring where your bicycle may take you!







Chris Milburn, Member at Large

**** Bio Coming Soon ****

Erin Phillips, Member at Large

I have always loved riding a bike but it wasn't until living in Montreal as a student that I discovered the potential of biking for transportation.  After several years off the road I started riding again in 2013 and my family went from a two car and two bike family to a zero car and six bike family.  During the two years we lived car-free we did almost everything on bike including buying Christmas trees, bringing kids to swimming lessons, and of course a lot of grocery trips.


Although the kids have outgrown the trailer and we once again have a car, my experience of commuting year-round by bike in Sydney has been an eye-opener to the many gaps in our local cycling infrastructure and I hope that by joining Velo CB I can contribute to some positive change for our community. 



Tim Babcock, Member at Large

One of the "early adopters" of VCB (membership number 007), some of my fondest memories of distant childhood revolve around bicycles and cycling trips, so for this "senior", cycling is among many other things, a way of stay8ing youthful and healthy.  As a member-at-large of the VCB Executive, my main interest is assisting with publicity for club events and helping to grow awareness of the organization and increase membership.  Highlighting the environmental benefits of cycling is also a strong interest of mine.


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