2020 Executive Members


Paul Babin,  President

Hello to all past, current, and future members of Velo Cape Breton.  Although I had been a member for several years prior to joining the Board of Directors, it was only when I volunteered as Membership Registrar did I begin to understand the amazing work that this dedicated group does.  VCB Board Members regularly meet with Municipal and Provincial groups to advocate for better cycling conditions throughout Cape Breton Island.  They provide education courses on proper cycling to safely navigate our roads, and also organize and schedule a full array of rides.  All of this is done on a volunteer basis, because they believe in the cause, as do I.


I hope that all members will make a commitment to participate in, or volunteer to help, in as many cycling related activities as possible.


May all your rides have the wind at your back.

Andree Crepeau,  Vice-President


A bicycle for me has been a way to get places, meet people and see things wherever I lived.  It got my seven year old self to my friend’s house fast, my university self to class again fast, my post pregnancy self to the office fast and my retired self downtown, to the dentist or doctor or the store again fast.  And by fast I mean faster than walking.  Sure my adult self has always had access to a car, but only one in a multi driver household, and frankly driving in Sydney is in my opinion really aggravating.  Plus why spend 10 thousand dollars a year on a second vehicle when a bike can get you most everywhere in almost the same amount of time.  And getting there on a bike is just so much more fun.

So my interest in Velo is working to get better cycling infrastructure and to try and win people over to the world of cycling, or at least to add it to their transportation choices.

Bill Goldston, Treasurer

I've ridden a bike almost all of my life, which started out in Middleton, Annapolis County, and I've been selling bikes here in Cape Breton for more than 1/3 of my life. During the last two decades of running the local bike shop, I have assembled and repaired tens of thousands of bikes and, if you're reading this, I've most likely had my hands on your bike too. I even get to ride my own bike once in a while. I like to split my time between medium length road rides, and moderately difficult mountain bike rides. After a little prodding and poking, I am now the Treasurer of Velo Cape Breton. Velo Cape Breton has always been a strong promoter of cycling in Cape Breton, and a huge voice in the advocacy of safe cycling in Cape Breton, 


Cycling has grown and infrastructure improved by leaps and bounds due to the work of Velo Cape Breton and I'm happy to help out in any way I can...Happy Trails!

Leroy Hodder, Secretary

**** Bio Coming Soon ****


Russell Rollinson, Membership Registrar

**** Bio Coming Soon ****

Rosalind 2020.jpg

Rosalind Wright, Women on Wheels Representative

I bought a bike to become more physically active:  basically take less car trips to the store and start biking to work.  I was a member of Velo, but was a little intimidated to ride with the group because I had a department store special.   In 2015, I saw the Women on Wheels group on the Velo website and said “this is the year I'm doing it.”  It has been the best thing I have done.

Women on Wheels is a relaxed, non-competitive, group of ladies that ride at varying levels (including bike styles) and who are supportive of one another's abilities.  I even received the Velo Award for “Most Improved Cyclist” for 2015. 
Since joining I have co-coordinated the Women on Wheels program with founder Shelley Johnson, been on the Board of Directors since 2016, and was the Rides Captain in 2018.  I have taken and fully promote the Ride Right Program for new cyclists or for those who would like a refresher.  Joining Velo is a good way to meet people and has been an awarding experience.  Everyone is so supportive.  I have been able to share my experiences and knowledge having managed a non-profit organization for over 30 years in order to expand the Women on Wheels program with initiatives like Project Pink and promotional incentives.

Join in on the fun.   Everyone has a little something to give.

Stephanie 2020.jpg

Stephanie MacLellan, Member at Large

My passion for biking began about eight years ago when I explored scenic routes of Richmond County on a heavy, old steel bike. The annual Isle Madame ride was my first introduction to Micheline, Jacques and Velo. Since then I have upgraded the wheels and ride daily in the summer and fall, often in River Bourgeois; and have become an enthusiastic supporter of the organization. As a Member at Large, my goal is to help advocate for more  biking trails, expand the number of Velo rides and also find ways to support Women on Wheels.


Chris Milburn, Member at Large

Chris is one of the founding members and was the first president of VCB.  As a physician, he is very interested in the promotion of cycling and other physical activity for health and community development reasons.  Chris remains an active, even if somewhat slower than before, cyclist.


Erin Phillips, Member at Large

I have always loved riding a bike but it wasn't until living in Montreal as a student that I discovered the potential of biking for transportation.  After several years off the road I started riding again in 2013 and my family went from a two car and two bike family to a zero car and six bike family.  During the two years we lived car-free we did almost everything on bike including buying Christmas trees, bringing kids to swimming lessons, and of course a lot of grocery trips.


Although the kids have outgrown the trailer and we once again have a car, my experience of commuting year-round by bike in Sydney has been an eye-opener to the many gaps in our local cycling infrastructure and I hope that by joining Velo CB I can contribute to some positive change for our community.


Tim Babcock, Member at Large

One of the "early adopters" of VCB (membership number 007), some of my fondest memories of distant childhood revolve around bicycles and cycling trips, so for this "senior", cycling is among many other things, a way of staying youthful and healthy.  As Rides Captain of the VCB Executive, my main role is to coordinate the planning of the annual Rides program, and to assist with related publicity to grow awareness of the organization and increase membership.  Highlighting the environmental benefits of cycling is also a strong interest of mine.

Mikah 2020 small.jpg

Seetanshu Kukreti (Mikah), Member at Large


I am an international student at Cape Breton University studying Post baccalaureate Diploma in Business Management. I was born and raised in Himalayas of Uttarakhand, India. Started my adventures in 2016 starting from Static line Parachute Jumps and then moving to Professional mountaineering along with Mountain Biking, Skiing & Kayaking. For me Cycling is my best buddy. If you are a cyclist, you will never feel sad. It is so Because your hobby will always keep you riding ahead and motivated and of course physically fit.

I am also the Coordinator of beautiful orange bikes program called Bike Share Program in CBU. And with my knowledge and experience of not for profit organization and social media marketing I will be performing online marketing tasks for our Velo Cape Breton.

I want to thank the Executives Board members of Velo Cape Breton for having me on the Board.

My bike is all set to ride from coast to coast of the beautiful Cape Breton Island!