3rd Annual BBQ!

3rd Annual BBQ and Ride - Season Opener May 6th Mira Boat Club Tickets Available: Last Day is Today!

Spring is in the Air! We hope!

With longer days and the promise of warmer temperatures we can look forward to filling our calendars with wonderful outdoor spring and summer adventures. So think spring and make plans. There will be a longer ride of 30km and a shorter ride of 15 to 20 km. We will start at the Mira Boat Club at 3pm, returning to the club for a social and BBQ.

Not feeling like a ride? Join us for the social hour from 5-6pm, with the BBQ at 6pm. There is a bar on site. This is a lovely evening with our cycling friends, some of whom we haven't seen since last season. We will be cooking steaks on the barbecue with delicious side salads and a dessert. Portabello mushroom burgers will be available for our vegetarian friends.

We will launch our 2017-2018 Ride Schedule and you can grab your 2017 membership as well. Cost is $20 per person/adults, $10 for children age 10 or under. If you would like to ride only, it is free for VCB members, $2 for non members. Get tickets online at: velocapebreton.ca