Newsletter Vol. 15 No. 11

While the minimum number of bikes one should own is three, the correct number is n+1, where n is the number of bikes currently owned. This equation may also be re-written as s-1, where s is the number of bikes owned that would result in separation from your partner. Velominati - Rule #12

Volume 15, #11 - Making NS a Bicycling Destination


  • Making NS a Bicycling Destination

  • Upcoming Events

  • Tour da Tartan

  • VCB Jerseys

  • Lumiere - Light up your Bike

  • About That Funny

Making Nova Scotia a Bicycling Destination

Recently Chris Milburn, a founding member of Velo Cape Breton and a Current board member posted a compelling piece on Facebook. Take a look.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.

On the one hand, we have wonderful organizations and hardworking, dedicated volunteers working to make Nova Scotia a better, more attractive place to cycle both for locals and to promote tourism. We have an amazing province with beautiful views and many quiet rural roads.

Within government - elected officials and civil servants - there are some truly excellent people who “get it” about the benefits of promoting bicycling - exercise and health, pollution reduction, attracting wealthy/low-impact tourists.

But sadly, for every positive thing that happens there are still developments that make NS a less safe, and less attractive, place to bicycle.

See my attached photo from Kelly’s Mountain in Cape Breton. For a cyclist arriving at the airport in Sydney and heading to the Cabot Trail (rated one of the top cycling destinations in the world), they have no choice but to travel this route. The rumble strips in this area force them into two lanes of 100km/hr traffic, often travelling around turns with poor sight lines, with a shoulder that is washed out and unsafe on the other side.

Other than putting up a sign saying “Screw you cyclists - we don’t want you in Nova Scotia”, I can’t think of anything that makes it less attractive to cycle here than these rumble strips.

Government officials are well aware of this issue. Promises have been made to fix the problem. There are easy ways to include a rumble strip that enhances motor vehicle safety AND bicycle safety, instead of threatening cyclists lives. All we need is someone in a position in authority who cares enough about cycling to make this happen. Or perhaps a cyclist death and a lawsuit, which is certainly not the preferred way from any point of view. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. If Chris’s post moved you why not take a moment and let someone who can change this know your concerns. The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal the Hon. Lloyd Hines can be reached at Or contact Gerard Jessome the Eastern District Area Director of TIR at Or your local MLA. If you would like to know what the design standard for rumble strips on provincial roads look at this link: Design Guidelines for Continuous Shoulder rumble Strips

Upcoming Events

The Velo Cape Breton ride schedule for 2018 has been added to the website. Many thanks to Rosalind Wright who put this together. For more details on upcoming events, see the 2018 Schedule on the website at this link: VCB Schedule 2018.

  • September 23 - WoW Tour da Tartan, Tarbotvale (see below)

  • September 28 - Lumiere at Night, Sydney (see below)

  • September 29 - ** Note: Ride into the Past, Louisbourg has been cancelled.

  • October 6 - October Fest, Marion Bridge

  • October 13 - Bike to Hike to Bite, Big Glenn to Bald Mountain

  • October 14 - Ride on the Mira, Mullins Shell Station

Tour da Tartan - Annual WoW Ride

Because the English town ferry is currently out of service we have changed the ride to the following: TOUR DA TARTAN Approximately 20 km. with option to go further Date: Sunday, September 23, 2018 Time: 11:00 am To get there turn off Hwy 105 (Trans Canada) at the Lobster Galley Restaurant and continue past the Gaelic College on the Cabot Trail, drive 23km north, and meet at the parking lot on the left, just past Tarbotvale. This is a lot that was most likely used for equipment during the road reconstruction. We will have our pink WOW flag flying so we can’t be missed. Lunch will be at The Clucking Hen. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Shelley

VCB Jerseys We still have a good supply of Velo Cape Breton bicycle jerseys in an assortments of sizes. The Jerseys are $75.00 each. Get yours early so you don't miss out. You can order one online, however we will have to charge a $5.50 shipping fee, but we will mail it to you anywhere in Canada.

Lumiere - "Light up your Bike" This is part of the Lumiere event. Decorate your bike with lights and join Velo Cape Breton in a police escorted parade through downtown Sydney. Free bike lights for the first 20 children that participate. When: Friday September 28th at 6:30 pm Where: Meet at the Open Hearth Park parking lot near the canteen What: A police escorted 5km ride in Downtown Sydney. Why: Lots of fun cycling in the dark with bikes lit up. Free bike lights to the first 20 children that participate and prizes for the best decorated bicycle by a child or an adult. This event is free and open to the general public. Children must be accompanied by adults.

About that funny!

September 20, 2018.

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