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Volume 15, #10 - Active Transportation Summit


  • Atlantic Active Transportation Summit - 2018

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  • BNS Bicycle Friendly Program

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  • Fiddlers Run - Cyclists Needed

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Atlantic Active Transportation Summit - 2018

by Andree Crepeau

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending the first ever Atlantic Active Transportation Summit at the Halifax Public Library. I heard all sorts of interesting presentations on cycling initiatives in other places as different as Peterbourgh and Charlotte, South Carolina. Did you know that 28% of Nova Scotia’s green house gas emissions are from Transportation? Or that one of the leading advocates for accessibility in Nova Scotia, Paul Vienneau, is in a wheelchair due to a cycling accident, yet he continues to advocate on behalf of cyclists for mandatory side panels for large trucks. As we waited for the opening panel discussion to start, the screen above the speakers had a series of images of cyclists and pedestrians. I was very touched by one of the images.

This image shows the freshly painted bike lanes on George Street in Sydney. The two cyclists are Jacques Cote and Micheline Guillot, two of the founding members of Velo Cape Breton. They are also two of the most committed and effective cycling advocates I’ve ever met. So while I was touched that the Summit started with this image, it also haunted me. When the summit was first announced it came with a call for presentations from planners, engineers, politicians, and advocates. I thought about it but then decided that really my plate was full and passed. I’m the treasurer for Velo, a job I struggle with, I’m on the organizing committee for the Cabot Trail in 4 Days. As a retired person I have time during the day and thus I’m the Velo person who meets with various levels of government, the business community encouraging them all to pave a shoulder, install a bike rack or consult on social marketing. One of my other jobs is updating our Facebook page. Which is a bit of a hoot considering my limited Facebook skills. In order to have a continuous supply of content for our page I have to follow cycling groups. I’m sure you are all familiar with a particular type of post. The one were the cyclist who had a bad experience in traffic and is now very angry with a driver, or all drivers or the police or the municipality. And then there are the drivers who don’t want cyclists on the road. You all know the type of thread. If I post to this sort of thread I’m likely to be encouraging people to call the police and report the incident. And often the response is “it won’t do anything”. Of course, it might not result in a charge or fine but possibly the most important thing will be the opportunity to help educate the police officer, or to just add to statistics about traffic problems. I often muse that the good things about social media, like the ability to connect with people or to source Information is somewhat over shadowed by it’s ability to let us just talk to people who think like us. It keeps our thoughts constrained by giving us an immediate outlet. So where am I going with this? Am I sorry I didn’t respond to the request for presenters? No I’m not. But the image of the lanes and Jacques and Micheline reminds me that so many people worked together to get those in place. And while most people don’t want to go to meetings etc.....just remember it doesn’t take much time to email a politician, call the non emergency phone number for the police or report a road hazard to those responsible. The first email I sent to a politician to draw their attention to an issue I got a response in 15 minutes. You’d be surprised at the what your opinions and ideas can accomplish. And of course don’t forget the thank-yous when things go your way. In CBRM the numbers for reporting a road hazard are: Sydney 902-563-5255, Glace Bay, Dominion, New Waterford, and Louisbourg 902-842-1171, North Sydney and Sydney Mines 902-794-6450, Rural and Suburban roads 902-563-2240. Don’t know who your MLA or councillor is, see these links. or PS If you have any bookkeeping or accounting skills and want to help do your bit to promote cycling call me Andree Crepeau at 902-539-9521. Thanks for listening.

Upcoming Events

The Velo Cape Breton ride schedule for 2018 has been added to the website. Many thanks to Rosalind Wright who put this together. For more details on upcoming events, see the 2018 Schedule on the website at this link: VCB Schedule 2018.

  • September 8 - Lost Shores Gran Fondo, Guysborough

  • September 9 - Fiddlers Run Marathon, Sydney (Running event)

  • September 21-23 - Recovery Ride, Cabot Trail

  • September 23 - WoW Tour da Tartan, Englishtown Ferry

  • September 28 - Lumiere at Night, Sydney

  • September 29 - Ride into the Past, Louisbourg

BNS Bicycle Friendly Program

Bicycle Nova Scotia has implemented a Bicycle Friendly Program. This is a great way to promote businesses, attractions, parks, etc. that accommodate cyclists. In short an opportunity to build a cycling culture. Check it out here: , and start nominating places that need to be included.

VCB Jerseys We have received a new order of Velo Cape Breton bicycle jerseys in an assortments of sizes. The Jerseys are $75.00 each. Get yours early so you don't miss out. You can order one online, however we will have to charge a $5.50 shipping fee, but we will mail it to you anywhere in Canada.

Fiddlers Run - Cyclists Needed

Hi, I'm writing on behalf of the Cape Breton Fiddlers Marathon committee. We were wondering if any of your members would be interested in being lead/trail cyclists during our race this year? We're looking for about 6 cyclists but any help would be greatly appreciated. The event takes place on September 9th. Thanks, Justin Lalane Please contact Justin directly at:

About that funny!

I asked my daughter if she’d seen my newspaper. She told me that newspapers are old school. She said that people use tablets nowadays and handed me her iPad. The fly didn’t stand a chance.

August 29th, 2018

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