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Vol 9, #26 - Shifting...

Velo Cape Breton is the Island wide voice of cyclists, working for better cycling in our great Island. We have made significant progress since our formation in 2004.  Visit our website that will introduce you to some of our activities.   If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to contribute to this eNewsletter,  please contact us at (902) 562-8137 or


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In this Edition

  • Editorial
  • Rides Captain Corner
  • Heads Up!
  • Spring Cycling Clothing
  • Beyond Our Borders
  • On the Lookout For A Stolen Bike
  • MindRider Bicycle Helmet
  • Shift the Letters



End of April to beginning of May is the period of the year where one sees the most noticeable landscape transformation: colour of the grass shift from brown to light green, plant bulbs leave their dormant state to kind of pop off the ground and bloom, temperature dramatically shift from below zero night temperatures to high teens at mid-day,  wood trails start becoming corridors of green limiting the view to just a few metres beyond their walls of leaves.

Active people get the urge to shift sport from running, indoor gym exercise machines, skating in ovals  to road and trail cycling to explore way beyond their usual borders of the neighbourhood.

Just get up and go! 



The forecast for the coming weekend just looks fantastic with sunny skies both days with pleasant temperatures around 10°C.  Dress-up accordingly (see article below).  

CAN-BIKE II  Bicycle course  

Session #2 - April 27-29

There's a spot left for one more participant.  Remember, if no paying participant is registering, past CAN-BIKE 2 Grads can join any CB2 course as a refresher at no charge.  

All info and registration on the VCB renovated website at: 




Impromptu Ride - Saturday, April 28th - 1:30 pm

Meet at:   ACAP Cape Breton (corner of Townsend & George) 

Leaving at:  1:30pm

Relaxed ride to Fort Petrie & return. ~ 2 hours.




Kelly’s Klimb #1 -  Sunday April 29th - 10:00 am

by: Chris Milburn, VCB #1  -


Next Sunday, April 29th will be the 7th annual Kelly’s Klimb time trial.  This event is a regular fixture on the Velo Cape Breton schedule.

For those of you not familiar with one, a time trial is not a race against others.  It is a test of your own fitness.  Riders start at 30 second intervals and ride separately.  The time when they reach the top of the mountain is noted and their total riding time is calculated by subtracting their start delay time.

A lot of people every year say “I’m not in shape yet to do that”, which is missing the point.  A time trial is not about being fast enough to beat anyone, but more about testing your fitness and setting a standard for yourself.  A second Kelly’s Klimb in the fall allows riders to gauge their fitness progress over the summer.

This is a great chance for both experienced and new riders to test their fitness.  Kelly’s is 240m climbing over exactly 7KM, which is an average grade of just 3.5% or so.  A steady grade but never steep enough that you can’t do it.  Riders take somewhere from 15 minutes to 40 minutes to finish the route.

For more experienced/energetic riders we often do a group ride after the Klimb, so come prepared with some ride food and lots of fluids if you want to participate in that.

In the case of significantly inclement weather we will postpone the Klimb.  If you are wondering about whether it is a go, stay tuned to the blog “upcoming events” or call my cell 567-4166

The Klimb starts at the bottom of Kelly’s on the Sydney side, just over the Seal Island Bridge.  Park at the gravel pit on the left.  Be there 1/2 hr early to register and warm up.  The TT starts at 10AM.



Nova Scotia Cycling Summit - Mahone Bay, May 5th.

The full agenda and registration form are available at

Please forward this to any of your contacts who you think would like to attend.


Ed:  VCB has a delegation going to the Summit.  Room for two more persons.  Interested?  email or phone  562-8137...  




Bike Clinic, Swap and Sale - Farmers Market,  Coxheath,  May 12,  8:30 to 12:00

Minor maintenance/repairs by our volunteer mechanics.  Sell/buy bike, parts, accessories.  Coffee and Breaky on site.



"Dust-off-your-Bike"  Relaxed rides  -  May 5 - 6

For you all to connect or re-connect with your fellow riders on a 1.5-hr guided relaxed ride.  Daniel Roy - CAN-BIKE II Grad. will be your Ride Leader.   


Saturday May 5,  Meet at the Coxheath Arena.  Ride leaves at:  10:30 am

Sunday May 6,  Meet at Tim Hortons, Highway 105, Big Bras D'Or.  Ride leaves at:  10:30 am



Spring is here but this doesn't mean you immediately shift to wear summer cycle short sleeves jersey and shorts.

Continue to wear a base layer to keep your torso dry and warm.  Over the base layer, a long sleeve jersey and a windbreaker usually does the job very well.  As the weather warms up the windbreaker can be unzipped and, if temperature reaches the high teens, can be even rolled up and put in a the back pocket.   Longsleeve jersey plus a vest is also an option.

Cycling shorts plus a light cycling tights on top will keep your legs muscles warm (prevent cramps) and protect your knee joints.  ¾ length cycling shorts is also an option.

Helmet of course but a light skullcap underneath will prevent heat and energy loss during the ride.

For your own safety, make sure your clothing is of a visible colour that can strike out in the decor at all times.

Morinfo on Mountain Equipment Coop website under "Learn"



On March 21st, Mike Arthur, Manager, Physical Activity, Department of Health and Wellness has been invited to make a presentation to an Active Transportation conference in Winnipeg regrouping provincial and some international colleagues.  

In his presentation, Mike highlighted several of local initiatives and projects such as the Vélouroute Acadienne Project in Chéticamp developed in collaboration with the Conseil économique de Chéticamp, the Cycling Ambassadors Program with contribution from Doctors Nova Scotia Golden Apple Award $5k. and matching dollars from Nova Scotia Health & Wellness, the Get-Cycling Park under development with the Sydney Tar Ponds Agency.  

Comments from Neville Owen, Sydney Australia: "It is such a great overall model and gives an excellent and compelling account of a set of clear, concrete practical instances of the comprehensive approach that is required in order to make a difference.  Those elements to do with people getting out on their bicycles into the bigger Nova Scotia and natural environment certainly appeal!"



Karen had her brand new TREK HiFi Deluxe 17.5" mountain bike stolen in North Sydney on March 31st.  It's a  29er...  (29 inches wheels) not quite the regular MTB.  Should be easy to spot.

email Karen.  



submitted by: Gary Bustin, Wolfville.  Source: 

MIT's MindRider project is essentially a modified bicycle helmet, MindRider acts as a mood ring that shows the bicyclists' level of awareness. After reading the bicyclists' electroencephalographic (EEG) activity through the scalp, the device displays correlating colors in the attached LED lights. As even those unfamiliar with the helmet would understand, green represents a mentally aware cyclist, red lights indicate drowsiness, anxiety and other potentially detrimental mind states, while flashing lights signal a case of two-wheeled road rage. It seems useful for informing drivers which bicyclists they should be especially careful around. These are interesting projects at MIT, but take note of the MindReader bicycle helmet.


Gary:  I would rather see the technology applied to a sign on the top of all cars.



Shift the letters to spell out an important part of the human body which is even more useful when erect.


The two people people who wrote SPINE became doctors...

The rest are all my friends....




Jacques Cote

Editor, Velo Cape Breton eNewsletter

April 26th, 2012

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