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Vol 10, #1 - Communications - Survey Results

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Vol 10, #1 - 1/11/12 - Communications - Survey Results


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Velo Cape Breton is the Island wide voice of cyclists, working for better cycling in our great Island. We have made significant progress since our formation in 2004. Visit our website that will introduce you to some of our activities. If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to contribute to this eNewsletter, please contact us at (902) 562-8137 or


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In this Edition

- Editorial

- Rides Captain Corner

- Heads Up!

- Spring Forward - Fall Back

- 52-WBC News

- A Sedentary Lifestyle is a Killer

- VCB Chapter News - Strait Area Chapter

- The 1-M Law - First Sentence in NS

- VCB Cycling Ambassadors

- Scotland vs Nova Scotia

- For Sale / Wanted

- "Da" Solution


“Many parents think that by driving their kids to school they’re doing them a service, but it’s not a service. They’re depriving kids of a moment where they can meet other students, talk to neighbours and connect with their communities.” ~ Suzanne Lareau, president and chief executive of Vélo Québec





Warm thank you to all 151 who completed the survey on communications.


81.7% first heard about the Survey through VCB eNews, and 83.4% said that the VCB eNews is their preferred mode to receive communication from the association followed by the website at 68.2% and Facebook at 43.7%.


Your preferred subjects in the VCB eNews are: Bicycle tips & tricks 82.1% ; News about VCB programs (Ambassadors, 52WBC, CAN-BIKE, Chapters, Socials, Tours,) 76.8%; Editorial 75.5%; The joke 62.3%; Heads Up 58.9%; News about what’s happening elsewhere, 58.9%; Rides Captain Corner 57.6%; For Sale / Wanted 47.7%. You said you want more pictures of events; a Gallery has been added to the website here. There could be more albums but the publication of pictures being a sensitive issue, we're contacting individuals who can be recognized for permission to reproduce... A tedious task indeed.


The VCB website is consulted by 55% of you for information on upcoming events and for the schedule or rides, events and tours. 33% said using the website’s registration pages for membership, tours, events but in reality over 83% of all registrations are received online. You also said that you want to see bike route maps, on-road and off-road. We'll work on this in the coming months.


Social Medias... Facebook page, only 45.7% liked it. 88.1% and not subscribers of the VCB YahooGroup. VCB YahooGroup will certainly be dropped after consultation with the moderator. Twitter and Google + are the other social medias you mostly use.







by: Micheline,



A survey about your preferences for rides, events and tours will be sent to you shortly. Also, a clinic for Ride Leaders and Tour organizers is scheduled for this winter in preparation for the schedule celebrating the 10th Anniversary of VCB.







Velo Cape Breton Annual General Meeting, Monday, November 5th,

Round Room, CBRM’s Civic Center,

320 Esplanade, Sydney,


5:30 to 6:30, - Reception & Food service.

6:30 – Formal AGM - Call to order and establish quorum







This weekend you get one more hour of sleep. Clocks fall back one hour this weekend on November 4th. Clocks will spring forward one hour on March 10th, 2013. This means, daylight earlier in the morning to help your commute, however, it's dark earlier in the afternoon at the time of heavier traffic going back home. If you are an Active Transportation commuter, make sure you're wearing visible clothing and more than the red reflector and the front light required by the law on your bicycle.


If your usual route is relatively busy with motorized traffic, think of using as an alternate a less frequented route. Adding a few more meters to your commute will not only benefit your health, it will be more secure and make these moments much more pleasant.






by: Shelley Porter, coordinator


Good morning, B52ers! As we pedal into another month, with changing leaves and changing seasons, I wanted to share with you my experience as a wee pale person frequently observed at the side of the road on a bicycle. At least I thought I was observed.


As a former motorcyclist and long-time cyclist, I take heed of the words of a past motorcycle safety course instructor: ride as if you are invisible, and everyone is trying to kill you. So, when out on my bike, I try to wear colours other than black or grey, my bike is pale blue, I have reflective strips on my jackets, tighs, and bike bag. My single pannier has a large reflective orange stripe. I frequently ride at dawn and dusk, and sometimes before dawn, and - in accordance with NS law - I have lights fore and aft on my bicycle. They are ultra bright LEDs, I usually have two on the back and usually have one flashing and the other steady. I have a white flashing light on the front. These are BRIGHT, I tell you, and advertized as visible for a kilometre or more.


Remember, we are responsible for our own safety on the roads. Despite how many cyclists are out there, we aren't the first thing anyone is looking for on the street. Like motorcycles, I am pretty sure most people underestimate the speed at which a bicycle is traveling, making it more likely they are going to pull out in front of you when they don't actually have time to avoid you or you them. Visibility may be worse on grey days, particularly if your clothing is not very bright.


I'm asking for a red cycling jacket for Christmas! And maybe a portable generator so I can just use the strings of lights to light up my bike like a Christmas tree!!


Safe travels!


-Shelley (who got her winter cycling tighs out this week - almost time to put the road bike on the trainer and switch to the mountain bike! Where did I put those studded tires . . . ??)







source: The Globe and Mail.


Sitting is the new smoking.


Get used to that expression because you’re going to be hearing it a lot. Inactivity has become public enemy No. 1.


The reason sedentary behaviour is so worrisome is well-illustrated by a new study, published on Monday.


The research, led by Dr. Emma Wilmot of the diabetes research group at the University of Leicester in Britain, analyzed 18 existing studies involving almost 800,000 people. The paper, published in the medical journal Diabetologia, compared disease rates between the most active and least active among a broad cross-section of adults.

The researchers found that the least active, essentially those who sit all day, had a:

  • 147-per-cent increased risk of heart attack or stroke;
  • 112-per-cent increase in the risk of developing diabetes;
  • 90-per-cent greater risk of dying from a cardiac event;
  • 49-per-cent greater risk of premature mortality.


More here.




The Fats of Life.


Dr. Monika Dutt, Medical Health Officer for the Cape Breton District Health Authority gave CBC Information Morning listeners several interesting recommendations to curb obesity and to lean towards a more active lifestyle...


Click this link for the audio recording... (runs 8:16)







From the Strait Area Chapter - by: Tom Nixa, Director.


By popular request for winter, we have changed the time for our Port Hawkesbury Saturday Morning Breakfast Ride as follows:


Every Saturday morning rain or shine meet at Tim Horton's across from Port Hawkesbury Civic Center 8:30 AM for socializing and coffee. Ride at approximately 9:00 AM. Easy pace 28 to 40 km “Show & Go” rides. When weather is unfavorable we will meet to do other activities based on participants' wishes like hike, X-country ski, run or walk at the Civic Center track/ workout or jump in cars and explore new ride routes.


Questions / Comments? tjnixa(at)







Thanks to ex-National Examiner Doug Regular insistence and determination at getting his rights recognized and safety enhanced for all cyclists cycling on the Nova Scotia roads, the case went to court and was hear last Wednesday. The judge of the provincial court handed out the first sentence in regards to infringement of the 1-metre rule to a motorists who pushed Doug dangerously off the road in June 2012.


See the story and video of the incident on the Chronicle Herald article at this link.



ps. In case you might be interested in the minute details of the incident and the lesson learned, see the attachment (Incident Recap & Conclusion). If you have questions Doug would be happy to answer <digger(at)> If you wish, please distribute this among your cycling peers.





- Feedback

by: Tom Nixa, Director Strait Area Chapter.


When riding with and on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Bicycle Club with about 1600 members in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff, Arizona we had many incidents of RV and trailer drivers running cyclists off the road. This happened most frequently in the winter months when the "Snow Birds" (winter travelers) were at their peak. After the third death of a cyclist hit by an extended mirror in two years in the Phoenix area in 1984 and 1985, the Arizona State legislature enacted laws similar to our 1 meter rule. They were strictly enforced when cyclists actively reported the incidents.


As a precedent in the courts we need to firmly support this safety for cyclists law. It will be crucial for future cases as a deterrent for motorists and encouragement for courts to now treat bicycles as truly legitimate vehicles with the same rights and privileges as motorists. I cannot stress this enough!! This will SAVE LIVES.


Ride Safe and Always Be A Courteous Cyclist/ Be A Good Example








Kudos to Ambassadors Stan and Charlen Wadden of Glace Bay signing off after 100 days of cycling and a total of 7,015km ridden and numerous appearances at public events to represent VCB.


They are not alone who have completed the first of a 3-year program. Amazing statistics that are included in VCB President's Report to be presented at the upcoming AGM.







In Scotland, Sustrans employs school cycling officers (similar to our CAN-BIKE or Making Tracks Instructors) to work intensively with schools to deliver tailored and structured programs of cycling-related activities to create a whole-school culture of cycling and to enable more students to cycle to school.


Sustrans believes it’s important to get young people cycling for the benefits it will bring them in the future: independence, environmental responsibility, health - and it’s fun!


Ed: Sustrans, is a leading UK charity enabling people to travel by foot, bike or public transport for more of the journeys we make every day. We work with families, communities, policy-makers and partner organisations so that people are able to choose healthier, cleaner and cheaper journeys, with better places and spaces to move through and live in.




In Nova Scotia, a $17 million contract to transform the remediated Sydney tar ponds and coke ovens site into several outdoor recreational spaces to attract people of all ages has been awarded to two local companies. The "Bike Safety Park" stated in the previous promotion literature, press releases and picture rendering of the site has now been changed to the simple nomination "Bike Park". This small change is clear to us that Sydney Tar Ponds Agency stays put in their car-centered archaic vision and do not see the tremendous potential of the bicycle training facility this space would have been with very small modifications to their original design.


We heard that the site chosen will be levelled off to accommodate their original design. A flatter area will slightly improve the learning potential, however, the space left after the asphalt has been laid down leaves no room for a proper service building. Gone is storage of bicycles for classroom instruction, gone are sanitary facilities, gone is the shelter in case of inclement weather, etc. etc. A great opportunity gone to zilch, nothing.


If STPA ever change their mind and re-open that file, I risk a heart attack...


Anyway, they know where they can find the bugger.







Judy's has moved indoors and now she is looking for a gently used trainer, to keep her legs moving, heart pumping and prevent the bike from getting the blues...


If you have this gently used trainer looking for nice company, call Judy 565-8284







Deers and mooses are a real threats to drivers of vehicles. For example, New Brunswick and Quebec highway authorities have installed fencing and crossing tunnels along huge distances of the main highways to keep animals off the roads.


For a North Dakota woman there is a much simpler, less expensive and safer solution...


Listen to this...


Life is tough. It's even tougher if you're stupid!!!!




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