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2016 Mileage Log

Download and use this Excel spreadsheet to record your mileage for 2016.  On top of adding up your total mileage for the week, for the month and for the year, it calculates for you the average distance you made at each of your outings, your average mileage for the month and daily for the year.  

The weeks highlighted in red are for those of you taking the SummerFit Challenge.  

Also, you can enter Comments for everyday of the year, i.e. where you rode, temperature, wind direction, people you met, highlight of the ride, etc.  To enter a comment, put your cursor on the date you wish to make an entry, go to Insert, click on Comment and type in the yellow box that appears.  Close the yellow box by clicking on the small button on the upper left hand corner; a small red triangle will remain in the box.   To view your comments, click any box of the spreadsheet and with you mouse go over any date there is a comment, without clicking, the comment will immediately appear.  

Very handy and motivating.  Hope you'll like it.

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