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Women On Wheels

Women make up more than 50% of the Velo Cape Breton membership. 

Women on Wheels

2020 Shedule - coming in spring

This link will take you to the list of rides for Women on Wheels only for 2019.  For a complete list of Velo rides, go to link of Rides and Events under the "About"Tab on the Velo website.


Wilma knows we all have to stay safe so we can all ride again soon. 


WOW had planned a great summer of rides and events and we hope to be able to enjoy some of them, but it's important in the meantime to stay home so we can all play again real soon. 

2020 Membership Incentive thanks to 4imprint grant.  

New WOW members receive this versatile buff. Many ways to wear one.  


Still available.  We have a custom made, full zip, one of a kind Velo CB Women on Wheels jersey for sale, size Men's Medium. $104. For more details contact Shelley or Rosalind directly.


We also have one medium short zip that was ordered for someone that didn't fit she would like to sell for $65.00.  Contact Shelley if interested.

Looking Forward to 2020!


Velo Cape Breton’s Women - on- Wheels Program - W O W - is an opportunity for women to ride their bikes and to learn from other women who have been riding for some time. According to Shelley Johnson, program creator and coordinator of the Women on Wheels program; “I wanted to create something that brought women bicyclists together in an environment that was safe, accessible to all women regardless of level and it had to be fun. I wanted to see a program developed where women learn in a non-intimidating forum about riding skills and cycling issues from other women.” Based on this philosophy, the Women - on-Wheels Program came to fruition in 2013 with a highly successful season.


In pure W O W fashion, this year’s season promises an exciting schedule with more rides, instruction, promotion of health and well being tips and socials. As well, a specific promotional W O W jersey has been designed and is available to any woman who rides a bike. You don’t have to be a W O W participant in order to own one of these distinctive jerseys and you’ll help us promote women’s cycling here and elsewhere.

Rides are of various distances throughout the season.  The schedule of events is posted on the Velo Cape Breton's website and our Facebook page.  Our season begins each May and is open to both beginner and experienced riders. Beginners are encouraged to take the Ride Right Program (free to members) to learn safe and proper riding skills.  There are WOW rides, socials, and events all summer and into the fall.  You are welcome to join in at any time throughout the season.




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